Head Brewer

Ryan Willson

Like most brewers, I started my brewing career as a homebrewer.  With hand-me-down equipment, I started my dive down the rabbit hole.  Brewing quickly became a very serious and expensive hobby.  It also became a goal to make a career out of it.  After homebrewing for 8 years, I picked up a job at the local homebrew store, from there, I entered the professional brewing world as an assistant brewer at The Library Sports Grille and Brewery in Laramie.  A couple years after that, Danielmark's offered me a gig as their headbrewer. The stars aligned!


Brewing is a labor of love and I love every aspect of it.  From art to science, brewing is all encompassing and is a life long learning experience for me.  There is always something to learn, there are always new flavors, and the best beer is the beer you are about to try.